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Browser Add-Ons to Improve Privacy

  Your browser's add-ons have just as much of an effect on your privacy as your browser does. Having the right, or the wrong, browser add-ons (AKA "extensions") can make or break your online privacy. Most add-ons have access to your browser tab and history, which means that anyone can know where you bank or who you know just based on tab content.  This list has no particular order. These add-ons I have used extensively and found that they all work well and I use most of them together. Privacy Badger The EFF's privacy add-on. This one does a great job of blocking trackers and ads. For Chrome For FireFox uBlock Origin UBlock Origin is a beautiful add-on that does an amazing job of blocking ads, trackers, and any other script/script content you don't want. For Chrome For FireFox Decentraleyes Deceltraleyes replaces CDN content with scripts that do not track you. It also has a really cool name. For Chrome For FireFox Ghostery I have used Ghostery for the longest o
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REVIEW: Amazon Music

  I have waited to write this review for awhile, but now I'm ready! I have been using Amazon Music for a year now as a listener and artist and I love it! First of all, the X-Ray and lyrics features are fantastic! The audio quality is great.  The Amazon Music app for IOS is also great. It has so many great features like the sleep timer and X-Ray. I highly recommend Amazon Music !  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

REVIEW: Tweetbot by TapBots

  Where do I even start? Because Tweetbot is absolutely FANTASTIC! I use Twitter, a bit (More than I want to admit) and I have been pretty annoyed by the ads (cause ads). Then, I heard about Tweetbot. A subscription based Twitter client that is ad-free. So, I did the free trial and I fell in love with the app and ended up getting a subscription. My favorite Tweetbot features are: • Feed filters (Yes, you can filter out content from your feed) • Several preset themes that include customization • Several app icons to choose from • No ads I highly recommend Tweetbot! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ You can learn more about Tweetbot HERE . Tweetbot is available for IOS and MacOS; I have only used the IOS version.

REVIEW: Brave Search

  These days there are so many search engines out there. Those with good privacy, those with good results, those with good privacy and good results. But which category does the Brave Search engine fall into?  I believe that Brave Search falls into the good privacy AND good results category. When searching random things and using it as my default search, I was always able to find what I was looking for within the top three results, which is REALLY good. I have done this same kind of test with others and they do not always past the test. So, if you value privacy, or just don't want to support big tech, I highly recommend Brave Search for you to use. You can find Brave Search here . ★★★★★


 So I have been looking into streaming (as a hobby) and I did not want to break the bank on a fancy webcam, I had just bought a new phone and I decided to research if there was a way to use my phone as a webcam, and there is: the EpocCam by Elgato. I was pleasantly surprised by the small price of the app for IOS and I have been amazed with everything else! I have found the app to be reliable and that it transmits high quality video to my computer. I have used the software with several video projects (none of which I have posted yet) for YouTube and TikTok.  I highly recommend this app for anyone who is looking into streaming or anyone that has video meetings. You can find out more about the EpocCam app here . ★★★★★

REVIEW: Macbook Pro 13" with the M1 Chip

 For years I have had the 15" 2015 Macbook Pro, but it was time for a new one. I have had the M1 Macbook Pro for four days, and I am loving it. This computer has many great features that maximize productivity. Two of these features are the touch bar and Sidecar. These features make multitasking a lot easier (AAnd are super cool as well). Another great feature is the long lasting battery.  I highly recommend the MacBook Pro 13" for any student or business owner! ★★★★★ You can learn more about the MacBook Pro HERE .

REVIEW: iPhone 12 Mini

 The iPhone 12 Mini is a beautiful device. I recently purchased the iPhone 12 Mini, and I am very happy with it. This phone runs quite smoothly and its 5G capability is amazing. The device is able to run some of the glitchiest apps smoothly and can run the most energy demanding apps with ease. The 5G capability of this device is spectacular. I live in a rural area where most cell phones are unable to connect to cell service, but the 12 Mini is able to connect to service reliably. I highly recommend this phone! You can find the 12 Mini HERE . ★★★★★