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CSS Libraries

My three favorite CSS libraries:BootstrapBulmaUIKitBootstrapBoostrap has many nice features and is supported by many drag and drop platforms.BulmaBulma is easy to use and implement. It is no where as big as Bootstrap.UIKitUIKit has many great features and is lightweight. However, it does not have many features, but it is easy to customize.
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IOS 14 is one of the best mobile OS ever.The latest version of Apple's IOS introduces many new features. My favorite new features are, the app library, conversation pins, and home screen widgets. 
The app library makes it possible to have a simplified home screen. You can take the apps that you do not use very often and place them in the library. This makes your home screen one app cleaner. 
Conversation pins are another fantastic feature. This allows you to put you favorite/most texted conversations at the top of your iMessage app. IMessage also has improved message filtering. There are now three primary pages in iMessage, "all messages", "known senders", and "unknown senders".

Home screen widgets, the feature mentioned long ago that we have been waiting for, are finally here. With home screen widgets, you can put an Activity preview, your stock info, or even a Duck Duck Go search bar. Home screen widgets allow iPhone users to get information at a glanc…


Minds is a revolutionary social/micro-blogging platform.
Minds has a unique way of encouraging users to create excellent content - cryptocurrency. When users like posts, the creator of the posts obtains a percentage of a Minds Token. Same thing happens when someone re-Minds (Re-post/share) a post or comments on it.  I think that Minds and platforms like it are the future of social media and the internet. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Learn more about Minds HERE!

REVIEW: LuxCoreRender

The LuxCoreRender rendering engine is amazing.
This feature full render engine could easily take on many of the industry standard render engines. The LuxCoreRender engine can import settings from Cycles and can render slightly faster. It has its own uniqe features that make it extremely useful and great for any project.
☆☆☆☆ (I have only used this engine with Blender3D)
Learn more about it HERE!

Parler: What is it?

Parler is a text-oriented social platform like Twitter.
Parler has many of the same features as Twitter. Parleys (posts), Direct Messages, private accounts, public accounts, user verification, etc.
What makes Parler unique, is its lack of censorship. Parler censors inappropriate content like explicit images and threats. However, they do not censor what other social platforms call "hate speech". The purpose of Parler is to be a place where conservatives and liberals can post their opinions freely and not worry about being censored for having a unique opinion.
Check it out HERE

REVIEW: Venturify Session Tracking

Venturify Session Tracking is revolutionary.Venturify's web analytics platform is the best one I have used. Its abilities and ease of use far surpass any of its competitors'. I highly recommend Venturify's Session Tracking. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Learn more HERE

REVIEW: Dashy, The Best Digital Organization Application

Dashy saves you time.I have been using Dash by Futureglobe for a few months now, and I love this application! It saves me a huge amount of time. I no longer have to spend time searching for documents. I can put all of my current documents on a dashboard in Dashy and keep them there for easy access. I highly recommend the use of Dashy.
Download Dashy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️