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  Privacy Report: Qwant Privacy Score: ☕☕☕☕☕ Highlights: Anonymized IP address Personal information is kept private (If collected)
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PROMOTED: BCS Enters the Cloud

  Borg Creative Studios has launched a cloud platform. Borg Creative Studios has launched BCS Cloud, a privacy-respecting cloud system with file storage, web analytics, calendars, forms, chat, and more. BCS Cloud can be used with NextCloud apps on MacOS, IOS, and Android. You can learn more here .

Apple's New Self Service Repair

  Read Apple's press release here . Apple is making repair resources for the iPhone 12 and 13 models available for consumers. November 17th - Apple announced that iPhone 12 and 13 repair tools, parts, and manuals will be made available to the individual consumer. Previously, these resources have only been available to Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP). According to Apple's press release, over 200 tools and parts will be available to the individual.  It is important to note that the best and most reliable repair option is to have a device repaired by Apple or an AASP. Read Apple's press release  here .

REVIEW: OnlyOffice

 OnlyOffice is an excellent software suite. OnlyOffice is a privacy-respecting, multi-platform MS Office alternative. OnlyOffice is compatible with PowerPoint, Excel, and Word documents. OnlyOffice has versions for Android, IOS, MacOS, Windows, servers, and more. OnlyOffice is also compatible with NextCloud server instances, HumHub, Confluence, and so much more.  I have used OnlyOffice for several years now (Longer than I have had this blog). I have used it for writing papers and presentations for my college classes and for data recording during my lab classes. I have found it to be an extremely reliable application. I cannot recall a single time that it crashed or corrupted a document. A huge thing that I like about it is its size. On Mac, it is less than 850mb. Many writing apps are 1gb+, which makes OnlyOffice extremely desirable.  I highly recommend OnlyOffice . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A new age of browsing

  This has been a big month for web browsers! Brave The Brave web browser now features its own privacy-friendly search engine as the default search option for users. Brave Search is an excellent search engine that respects user privacy, has reliable results, and is quick to load results. You can download Brave here . Waterfox Waterfox may not be quite as well known as Brave, it is certainly an excellent web browser that respects privacy. On the 19th, Waterfox version 4.0.0 was released. This new version brought ARM specific support to the MacOS version of the browser. You can download Waterfox here .

REVIEW: Satechi M1 Wireless Mouse

  I came across this mouse by chance, and I'm definitely happy I did! I went into my campus store to look for a ruler and something else (I had a coupon but I had to spend $20+ and the ruler was less than $5 so I was shopping a bit). Then, I came across the M1, and I decided to buy it and try it out since I couldn't use my usual mice. You see, I recently had two hand surgeries which has me with limited use of several fingers. This has meant that I can't really use my usual mice because of how they fit my hand.  The pill shape of this mouse is exceptional! As someone with long fingers and now hand problems, the mouse's design caters to both quite well. The tracking on this mouse is also great with no noticeable lag. Several wireless mice and other peripherals that I have used tend to have a lagging issue, but not the M1! Just to top off the device's already great design and reliability, it is very reasonably priced. Design: ★★★★★ Quality: ★★★★★ Overall Satisfact

Browser Add-Ons to Improve Privacy

  Your browser's add-ons have just as much of an effect on your privacy as your browser does. Having the right, or the wrong, browser add-ons (AKA "extensions") can make or break your online privacy. Most add-ons have access to your browser tab and history, which means that anyone can know where you bank or who you know just based on tab content.  This list has no particular order. These add-ons I have used extensively and found that they all work well and I use most of them together. Privacy Badger The EFF's privacy add-on. This one does a great job of blocking trackers and ads. For Chrome For FireFox uBlock Origin UBlock Origin is a beautiful add-on that does an amazing job of blocking ads, trackers, and any other script/script content you don't want. For Chrome For FireFox Decentraleyes Deceltraleyes replaces CDN content with scripts that do not track you. It also has a really cool name. For Chrome For FireFox Ghostery I have used Ghostery for the longest o