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Privacy Browsers for 2021

  Our suggested privacy browsers Opera GX Top features: • Free built-in VPN • Built-in ad blocker • Built-in tracker blocker • CPU, RAM, and networker limiter • Built-in ambient music player • Customizable appearance  • Built-in battery saver • Opera Add On Store • Compatible with Chrome extensions. • Built-in social messengers • Tab groups Brave Top features: • Compatible with Chrome extensions. • Built-in ad blocker • Built-in tracker blocker • BAT Rewards (Cryptocurrency reward program) • Built-in news page  • TOR capable Min Top Features: • Fast loading • Built-in ad blocker • Built-in tracker blocker • Minimalist design • Tab groups Honorable mention Fruity (Beta) Fruity is in beta and unstable. However, I suggest you still check it out. Top Features: • Minimalist design • One-click cookie delete • Auto cookie and history delete on exit • Quick links
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REVIEW: Logitech k380 Keyboard

 The Logitech k380 is the best keyboard I have ever used. In fact, I am actually using it as I type this review. I find the rounded keys extremely comfortable to use. I also find its slim and sleek design great for transporting it and using it on the go. The multi-device feature is one of the highlights of the keyboard. I am able to easily switch the keyboard from my Mac, to my iPad, to my Raspberry Pi.  I highly recommend the Logitech k380! ★★★★★ You can purchase the device on Logitech's website !

Review Ideas

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Ubuntu on a Mac?

  I "de-Appled" my old MacBook Pro. I have an old MacBook pro (4GB RAM, 2.4 GHZ Intel i2) that has not been supported by Apple for years now and was basically useless. I could not even go online with the device. So, I turned to Ubuntu. I used my other MacBook Pro to make a bootable flash drive so I could install Ubuntu.  I am not disappointed! By installing Ubuntu, I can likely keep the machine going for years to come! Ubuntu saved the device.  Ubuntu's installation instructions are absolutely perfect. I had no problems while installing. Find out more here . 

REVIEW: Boost Note

  Boost Note is the ultimate cross-platform note platform. Boost Note features syncing, premium accounts, HTML & markdown export, markdown editing, and more! Boost Note is an extremely stable and feature full notes app for IOS, Android , MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Boost Note's themes are beautiful with many customizations available.  I highly recommend using Boost Note! ★★★★★ You can find Boost Note HERE .

REVIEW: Uphold Crypto Wallet & Card

The Uphold crypto wallet and card are brilliantly produced services that any person or small business should utilize. I have been using Uphold for officially one year, and there is not a single thing that I don't like! Uphold makes trading cryptocurrencies easy and simple, unlike other services. Uphold most recently introduced support for environmental asset trading, revolutionizing the environmental and cryptocurrency worlds. Their primary environmental asset is the UPCO2 carbon token. Uphold's services and apps are ★★★★★ Learn more about Uphold here .

REVIEW: Cryptomator

  Cryptomator is a must have data security tool. Cryptomator lets anyone secure their data on their devices or clouds. I have found that Cryptomator works very well with Microsoft OneDrive, flash drives, and built-in storage. With Cryptomator, you don't have to worry about your cloud storage solutions reading or stealing your information. ★★★★★ Find Cryptomator here .